Red Star Over the Third World

Vijay Prashad, Red Star Over the Third World (Pluto Press, 2019). Vijay Prashad's Red Star Over the Third World is an explosive little book that admirably conveys the profound impact of the October Revolution and its continued influence for communist movements in the Third World – with a focus here on Asia, the Middle East, … Continue reading Red Star Over the Third World

Los Angeles Intellectuals

As a guide to understanding the cultural mythology and socio-geographical history of the singular American city that represents both "the utopia and dystopia for advanced capitalism," there is none more incisive than Mike Davis' City of Quartz, a tour de force which offers perhaps the definitive account of the land "south of the Tehachapis" even … Continue reading Los Angeles Intellectuals

The Marx Delusion

Terry Eagleton, Why Marx Was Right (Yale, 2018). Eagleton's witty Why Marx Was Right might be more accurately called something like Marxism Is Not What Most People (viz. Those Who Have Strong Opinions on Marx but Have Probably Never Read Him) Think It Is—or, What If the Common Objections to Marxism Don't Have Anything to Do with Marx's Actual Thought, which in Fact Constitutes a Plausible … Continue reading The Marx Delusion

Aquinas and the Role of the Metaphysician

Part of modern philosophy's distrust of metaphysics arises from a not undue association of the term with the Rationalist and Idealist philosophers of previous centuries; for thinkers from Spinoza to Hegel the task of metaphysics involves the deduction of an all-encompassing system of reality based on self-evident, a priori propositions, an activity which easily slips into speculation. For … Continue reading Aquinas and the Role of the Metaphysician