Marketing Campaign


Spreading the word about a radical book publisher’s vibrant community space.

A collage of many colors and images of community organizing and activism, with the main heading 'A gathering place for change makers.'

It was a thrill to get to work on this project with Haymarket Books, a radical Chicago publisher whose books take up about half of my shelves. In an effort to raise the visibility of and donor base for “Haymarket House,” a community organizing and event space on the north side of Chicago, we developed a snazzy gate-fold brochure and associated digital marketing materials. For the launch of the campaign, I also developed a branded WordPress page with custom HTML/CSS for the house’s website.


For the visual design, I used the typeface Realist Wide as a bold anchor that suggests the urgency and excitement of social change at a grassroots level. The central visual motif of a patchwork pattern of images and colors also suggests the diversity and intersectionality of community organizing.

While most of the work I do is for screens, it was great to be able to hold the print piece in hand.



Haymarket Books


Visual Design, Print Production, Social Media Marketing, Front-end Development


Figma, InDesign, Photoshop, WordPress