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Raising awareness and restoring microplastics-contaminated environments.

Home screen of Harry Allen Environmental Consulting. A color scheme of greens of oranges, and a main heading that says 'Restoring and reclaiming our world.'

Harry Allen is a seasoned environmental scientist with an extensive background in government agency work, teaching, and research (he’s also a good musician; we sing together in choir). He came to me wanting a website that would serve as both a marketing platform for his independent consulting business and as a knowledge platform for sharing his wealth of articles, research, and insights on highly relevant issues relating to climate change and environmental restoration work. The end goal is a combination high-powered blog and marketing site geared toward Harry’s unique expertise.


For the visual design, we chose a primary palette of oranges and greens, which signal both the boldness of environmental action and the beauty and resilience of our living planet, enhanced by vibrant complementary colors. The Astro web framework, which positions itself as an ideal framework for building content-focused websites, fit the bill perfectly for the development build of this project. Paired with the Sanity headless CMS platform, the site delivers a fast, SEO-friendly experience with content that is a breeze to update and manage.


Other fun features on the website include scroll animations with GSAP and accessible color palettes with Reasonable Colors. The project is currently in the development phase, and I’ll be excited to share it when it goes live!


Harry Allen


Visual Design, Front-end Development, CMS Integration, Branding


Figma, Astro, Sanity, GSAP