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Creating a small business’ identity and online presence from the ground up.

Home screen of Equip website. A color scheme of gradient greens and brown, and a main heading that says 'Skills and guidance to help him succeed.'

Equip began as two psychologists planning to start a new, collaborative counseling service focused on providing therapy for boys and men. When they initially contacted me, they were looking to build a comprehensive brand from the ground up to accompany their new venture—from a logo and marketing materials to a fully customized website.


From the branding work we did, the overall theme of “Growth” emerged, which I expressed visually in a distinctive logomark of three vertical bars, supplemented by a color gradient moving between dark and light greens.

For their website, Equip needed to present two different paths to relevant content—one path for boys/parents and one for men. The homepage and site structure was shaped to guide these two user experiences. In addition, I developed a Resource Library, where site users could explore articles and links based on psychological topics.


The Webflow content management platform offered a solution that made editing and updating these content collections a simple and painless process for the Equip team.


Equip Psychology


Visual Design, Logo Design, Branding, Front-end Development


Figma, Illustrator, Webflow