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November 4, 2020in Notes

Cardboard Darwinism & Double Transference

“Cardboard Darwinism,” writes biologist Stephen Jay Gould in an essay of the same name, “is a reductionist, one-way theory about the grafting of information from environment upon organism,” or what amounts to a form of biological determinism.

Stephen Jay Gould in his office.
October 24, 2020in Essays

Dialectical Ecology

Nature has a specific history. This is a history in which organic life, inclusive of humanity, acts on and changes the world, at the same time as the world acts on and changes organic life.

Still from Koyannisqatsi—power lines in the desert.
October 4, 2020in Notes

On Sorting Books

Shelving books is, in fact, a dialectical art. Against the rigid, metaphysical hierarchies of the Dewey Decimal System, the dialectical approach begins not with stale Platonic categories (“Philosophy,” “Art,” “Religion”) but with the understanding of the varied internal relations among books.

“Everywhere there is the Sun there is Communism,” Chinese Communist woodcut.
September 23, 2020in Notes

Two World Views of the Russian Revolution

Walter Rodney’s rejection of rigid models of historical interpretation and “necessary” trajectories of socialist development transcends Cold War limitations. Instead, his authentic use of Marxist historical materialism impels him to begin, per Lenin, with the “concrete analysis of concrete conditions.”

“New Planet,” symbolist painting by Konstantin Yuon (1921).