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A “now” page is like a traditional about page but is focused on what I’m doing at the present moment. It’s subject to change! Read more about now pages.

I’m Daniel Saunders, a Midwesterner in Los Angeles. This site is meant to be a (probably infrequent) chronicle of the things I’m reading and thinking about.


My biggest project at the moment is a deep dive into front end web development (you’re looking at some of the fruits of that now!), which is part of a general move I’ve been making as a freelance worker from visual and print design to web design. I’ve used Webflow for a long time (and it’s a great tool), but I reached the point where I wanted more flexibility, control, and understanding of the things I was making. It’s been a long process and has taken me through refreshing HTML and CSS fundamentals, learning JavaScript, and adopting new tools like Visual Studio Code, the command line, npm packages, TailwindCSS, and Eleventy (I learned Eleventy from scratch!) for static site generation (because the future is Jamtack). Honestly, it’s made me a better designer, too. I’ve got a lot to learn, but it’s been a blast so far.

I’m slowly working on a top secret personal design project that combines typography, web development, reading, and communism. See more about that here, and stay tuned...

In my freelance work I’ve recently designed and deployed some websites that I’m particularly proud of, two of them Episcopal churches: St. John’s Cathedral in Los Angeles and Trinity Parish in the Boston area.

Reading & Writing