I’m Daniel Saunders, a Midwesterner in Los Angeles. This site is meant to be a (probably infrequent) chronicle of the things I’m reading and thinking about. My current interests include: Marxism, anti-capitalism, socialism, philosophy, literary theory/criticism, intellectual and social history, technology, liberationist Christianity, geography, urbanism, Romanticism, music, and design.

Posts are categorized as follows:

  • Quote from a text.
  • List of relevant books.
  • Précis: A brief summary of a text’s argument.
  • Commentary: An extended discussion of a quote, passage, or section.
  • Review Essay: A longer piece in which I attempt to engage with a text’s thesis on a deeper, critical, or more experimental level.


See here for some of my writing out in the world.

By day (and some nights) I work as a graphic designer. My design portfolio is located at danielsaunders.xyz.


Shoot me an email at <daniel [dot] thomas [dot] saunders [at] gmail>.

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